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The Clinical Nurse Educator is responsible for the development, coordination, supervision and administration of Clinical Nursing Education Services.
The Clinical Nurse Educator is a registered nurse functioning in the Nursing Department to insure the educational needs and requirements of the nursing staff are met and that the staff meets the required level of competency through an organized plan of continuous assessment and educational opportunities. This organized plan of continuous assessment and educational opportunities will help direct the clinical staff toward excellence in patient care, health care services, and management of the overall organization. Minimum of Bachelor Degree in Education, Nursing, Organizational Development, or related field; Masters degree preferred. Current licensure to practice registered nursing in the state of California. Must have a minimum of three years clinical experience in an acute care setting. Knowledge of teaching techniques, adult education and evaluation methods. Current BLS, CPR, PALS. ACLS certification and LPS certification is required within 90 days of hire date. Knowledge of the Nurse Practice Act, patient’s rights, DNV standards and Title 22 regulations.
Frequent sitting for long periods of time, walking and standing. Occasional bending, crawling, and reaching. Occasional lifting up to 25 pounds. Occasional pulling and pushing up to 50 pounds. Corrected vision and hearing to a normal range. Finger dexterity. Frequent exposure to stressful situations. Constant contact with patients and public.
Occasional exposure to noise, dirt, dust, smoke and fumes. Occasional exposure to bloodborne pathogens. Occasional exposure to chemicals and general cleaning agents. Occasional driving. Shift hours may vary dependent upon department needs
(All duties listed below are essential to the job.)
* Staff Accountabilities
· Conforms to the Principles, Mission, Vision, Values, and Code of Conduct of College Hospital.
· Documents on-going staff meetings, orientation and in-service training activities.
· Effectively protects all health information from unauthorized access per HIPAA regulations and all applicable local and state laws.
· Demonstrates compliance with all applicable standards of regulatory agencies by developing & maintaining policies, procedures & criteria based job descriptions that comply with applicable regulatory & accreditation agencies.
· Demonstrates the ability to forecast annual budges for departmental needs; maintains department monthly expenditures; takes appropriate action to adjust accounts during the budgeted year, i.e. overages.
· Demonstrates the ability to keep up with the demands of the position.
· Demonstrates the ability to make sound judgments by identifying, assessing, and communicating appropriately.
· Demonstrates the ability to effect, implement and maintain changes.
· Demonstrates & communicates support for Nursing Administration’s goals & directives, and responds to required Administrative deadlines.
· Attends and participates in required management meetings and seminars.
· Demonstrates continual professional development: maintains required certifications for position; interviews and selects qualified employees in accordance with current criteria based job descriptions.
· Attends to personal affairs to avoid any interference with productivity.
· Demonstrates an understanding of the Hospital’s Fire/Disaster Safety Manual by knowing personal as well as departmental role in the case of a code; has oriented staff to such.
· Functions with an awareness of patient safety issues and applies basic principles of safety as identified within the facility. Ensures that staff follows the occurrence reporting policy and procedure in reporting any potential safety issues.
* Job Specific Accountabilities
· Develop, implement and evaluate hospital wide educational program for nursing personnel. This will include orientation of new personnel, on the job training and hands on teaching within the clinical setting, in-service education and continuing education.
· Determine educational needs by conducting a yearly assessment and coordinating with nursing management.
· Assist nursing management in providing additional appraisal information regarding employee performance, competence and progress.
· Participate in the development, implementation and assessment of effectiveness of policies, procedures and standards.
· Act as a consultant and resource person for all members of the nursing staff. Participates in counseling or other activity that may contribute to education growth, career or staff development.
· Keeps accurate records of orientation activities and the performance o f each orientee. Provides ongoing support and education to new clinical staff during their 90-day introductory period.
· Support and facilitate implementation of policies and procedures. Provides guidance and advice to nursing/clinical staff in interpreting and understanding policy change.
· Recommends and coordinates the selection of sources for needed services not provided by the department or organization.
· Tracks CHCM education hours and assures compliance with CHCM policy.
· Coordinates, evaluates, and revises the clinical education performance improvement plan by participating in Quality Assurance/Performance Improvement activities.
· Keeps Chief Nursing Officer informed of departmental activities, needs, and problems.
· As the coordinator of care, the registered nurse shall be responsible for the observation and direction of patient lifts and mobilization, and shall participate as needed in patient handling in accordance with the nurse’s job description and professional judgment.
· Networks with all department managers and all employees. Interacts and coordinates with the affiliated Nursing Schools to assure that clinical experiences are meaningful, positive, professional and productive for students.
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